Saturday, May 29, 2010

our babies

This post was written several weeks ago and I never published it!  Funny how much has already changed with our Sadie Bug!  Mason of course is still his awesome big brother self, too!

Mason is still our sweet little man that continues to absorb everything around him.   He is super energetic to say the least, yet super sensitive.  He truly cares about those around him.  He told me the other day on the way to lunch that he wanted to  sit by his, "best friend, Sadie, at the table." It melted my heart beause I know they will eventually annoy each other, but for now he is honestly seeking out the best for her in everything (at least most of the time).  He plays with her and actually requests for me to bring her to his room to play!  He can't stand for her to be upset and will actually knowingly do the wrong thing to make her happy.  Every little laugh he gets from her eggs him onto bigger and greater things in an attempt to entertain (and get her attention). 

He loves school (just like I did) and makes new friends so easily.  He is quite the artist and loves to draw and color.  I truly am amazed at what a four year old can do when he puts his mind to it!  He knows some numbers and colors in Spanish.  He has a memory for music that is just like his Daddy's.  Brent can hear a song and know what year it was simply by the memories he best remembers from around that time in his life!  Our Mason is so genuine in everything--even in his anger and disappointment. He would stay awake for 24 straight hours, I'm sure if someone would only play with him.  The child loves to play an entertain and to be entertained.  He likes to do just like those he looks up to--mostly his Daddy, though.  His latest "Daddy quirk" is to go to bed in just pajama bottoms and no top because that'sthe way Daddy does it.  The other night he was putting on long, flannel pants and I told him it would be too hot.  His response was, "Well, it's hot in the desert and that's where Daddy is...."  I said nothing further.  He likes to make up games and rules for EVERYTHING...and he likes HIS say in everything.  Then again, who doesn't? Eating is definitely NOT his forte, though.  I wish I had that problem!  He just finished his soccer season and we're waiting on more swimming lessons, tennis lessons,and summer camps! 

As for our Sadie bug, she continues to grow and grow.  If fact the little booger has hit both the weight and heighth limits for her infant carrier, so she's moved up to a "big girl" seat.  She will be ready on time to turn around and face forward after her birthday in a few weeks which is totally different than our tiny Mason was.  Sadie has not only began crawling, but in just a few 3 weeks, she's now cruising with an occasional standing up on her own!  I thought I would have a little more time before she began walking, but it is not appearing that way!  She began walking the DAY Brent came in for R&R and he actually got to see her do it FIRST!  Funny thing is Brent actually made it into town on the EXACT same day he did 4 years agon for R&R.  He just barely missed Mason crawling on that trip, so I began to get nervous that he would again miss the crawling stage.  I guess our little diva had it all planned out!  I know it melted Daddy's heart that he got to be here for a first!  She can also sign "more" and "please." She says, "MAMA," "DADA," "NENE", "PAPA," AND "BYE BYE."  There are a few other things that we think she's trying to say, but nothing too consistent yet.  I think she attempts "brother" for Mason.  Although she's been known for her tears, she is quickly developing her own little spunky, more independent personality.  She actually is a HAPPY baby.  She is known for her signature shirll which can be quite embarassing and it can come out in either happiness or out of anger/frustration.  My Dad thinks we'll get kicked out o fa restaurant someday for her shrills, but really, at this age, what do you do?  She doesn't really get "quiet" yet and to tell her "NO"  only makes her cry out loud!    She claps her hands, stomps her feet, and does this amazingly adorable shoulder "dance" on command.  She points with her tiny little fingers, waves goodbye with  her tiny little hands, and even occasionally tries to blow a kiss.  She can make "indian" noises and sound like a motor boat.  She gives out kisses (wet ones at that) and LOVES to EAT anything and everything.  Most importantly, she LOVES and has many loves!  She's still a Mama's girl, but she also LOVES her big brother like I never imagined possible at this age...and he loves her just as much right back!

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  1. I actually teared up reading this. I am so sad that we aren't getting to see our kids grow up together anymore but feel blessed that technology allows us to keep in touch like it does. Your children are both so beautiful and I think it's amazing that they love each other so much -- I wish we had some of that around here. :)