Saturday, July 17, 2010

Growing Like Weeds

So, we weighed ourselves today and much excitement was had!  Mason let out a big, "YYYEEEAAAHHH" when I told him he had almost gained 3 pounds!  That's really big for him.  He's been at 32 for a long time and today he showed as 34.5!  Sadie has gained another pound weighing in at 23 pounds.  This all reminded me that these two are changing so much that I might need to go ahead and record more, so here it is!

Mason still plays all of the time.  He is constantly drawing and does things that amaze me like adding 8 legs (4 on each side) for a spider and adding extra details when drawing people.  He is really into bugs right now, too, and where he used to be skeptical of picking them up, you now have to warn him that not all bugs are going to treat him kindly!  He also loves rocks and while we were at the beach recently collected lots of shells and such that he thought to be pirate booty!  He has some of the funniest, yet most real conversations with his Daddy and many times Brent gets more detail into his day than I do!  He says he dreams good dreams every night about him and Daddy playing together.  He knows his Birthday is coming up and there is a very small list of that which he doesn't care to have!  He has colllected enough money in his piggy bank to replace a broken V-Smile that cost $50.  He referred to Germany as "home" yesterday.  Last but not least, he is still a Mommy's boy and does not want to leave my side. 

Sadie is more rambunctious and full of energy than I EVER bargained for!  She is a real piece of work.  She already knows how to properly roll cars along the floor and even attempts to make "vroom" sounds.  She does like to love on her baby dolls, though, just before she throws it down, so there is a bit of hope!  She has a bit of a temper (not a bit like her Mama) and an amazingly LOUD screech  that she shares with everyone whether she's happy, sad, mad, or whatever.  She loves to hear herself and will talk and put her hands over her ears to see how it sounds different.  She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her big brother. He, however, likes his space every now and then now. Our Sadie bug is very ticklish. She still signs "more" and "all done."  Her hair is also growing just as fast as she is and she cannot even see if she does not have a bow in (this makes me happy).  Her walking is getting quicker, but she is definitely still "toddling" a little bit and has had 2.5 black eyes already! Although she's still a Mama's girl, she has continued to get better about going with someone else.  She works on new words every time you turn around now.  Here's some of her vocabulary:

bubba (brother)
uh oh
uh uh (and shakes her head no)
mau (meow)
paw paw
vroo(m)  (for a car)
at (for cat)