Saturday, May 29, 2010

Boys, Girls, and Baby Curls

We've had my nephew, Payne, for the last few days and it's been so nice.  There are a few extra things you deal with like more baths and dressing more kids and keeping up with more kids, but Mason and Payne play so well together and really love each other's company so much that Mason is so much more content while Payne is around.  To make it even better, Payne has no problems being a way from Mommy and Daddy which is so nice AND as an added bonus, he EATS (which Mason sometimes does not).  I know Ashlee and Casey have to deal with a lot when our little blondie is sent their way, so it's really a perk that Payne does so well with us.  They do have their usual 4/5 year old spats, but in general they can work it out quite well among themseleves.  Today, though, was quite hilarious.  I took them to Monkey Joe's to get out some of their energy (4 year olds have more energy by themselves than 4 of me put together) and while we were there, Mason spotted one of his little girl friends from school.  He came to me and said, "Where did Wiwwy go?"  I thought he had met a new friend named "Willy."  He quickly told me it was a girl and that she was in his class and off he went looking for her.  When Payne caught wind of what was going on, he wouldn't play with Mason anymore.  I thought he might be a bit jealous and decided to just leave it alone.  Shortly, Lily left and Mason and Payne played a little bit until Payne caught up with a girl of his own.  Mason followed them around for a bit, but we left not too long after that.  I have videos that I have attempted to upload of our little ladies' men, but it was a complete and utter failure!  I'll have to figure it out and re-post it later!

While we were at Monkey Joe's Sadie bug stayed with Grandma Judy.  As I dropped her off, I was asked if it was okay to cut her "bangs."  I said, "No."  We had already had the discussion that if we trimmed the hair in the front of her face, it would eventually grow out and we'd have to cut it again and then we'd eventually have actual bangs.  I don't want to have to deal with bangs on a baby, so I'm just waiting on her hair to get long enough to stay out of her eyes after it's combed without having to have a barrette/bow in it.  So, I come back after our Monkey Joe's adventure and this is what my Sadie looked like--Pebbles Flintstone!  My mom and grandmother did this with  both my sister and I and my sister did it with her girls, Madison and Brooklyn.  I think it looks hilarious personally, but I guess you could call it a family tradition.  So, our little Sadie bug, welcome to the family!  It's now official!

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