Saturday, June 12, 2010

ONE Sweet Little Cupcake

Sadie Bug threw one heck of a party a few weeks ago!  Such a chic little lady she is!  Can you believe she helped her mama with a cupcake themed birthday party right down to every last detail?!  She has expensive taste, too, as she picked out gourmet cupcakes and specially decorated cookies!  Daddy, be careful she's already spending your money as freely as she dirties a diaper!  Here are the events of the day! 

Our little cupcakes' food spread!

For entertainment, Sadie shared some of her new toys with her little friends!  This is Aubrey.  They are only 2 weeks apart in age!  Christen and I always said we'd try to line up our kids in age.... And we accomplished it--unknowingly!

Her cousin Payne brought his inflatable jumper for all to enjoy! Sadie and Ella liked to be bounced!

Bubbles are always a big hit! Thanks for the lift, Corey!

Last but not least, what girl can have a birthday party without having a few boys?!  Our girl is pinning them down (literally) quite early!  Daddy, you had better get home soon--she's a wild woman!
  Poor Luke, his Mama peeked in because she was worried HE was casuing trouble since it had gotten quiet and this is what she found!

Towards the end of the party, Sadie pinned Seth down, too!

Of course our birthday girl didn't forget to take a minute (or thirty) and enjoy her own cake!  What a sweet (and messy) little eater she is!
After playing, filling her tummy, and changing dresses (yes, every diva has 2 birthday outfits), we opened presents!  The most popular present?  A SWIMSUIT!  Our little girl will be the most fashionable one out there this summer!  I can't remember what our final total for swim wear was, but it was something like 4 or 5 suits and when you combine it with what she already had it comes to around 10!!!
To all our friends and family present, and those that were there in heart, thank you so much for making Sadie's birthday party so special!  To our sweet little cupcake:  Thank YOU so much for making your first year so memorable!  We love you!